About SLG

I’m starting this site over – posts will begin weekly on December 1, 2015! If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to hear my thoughts on, email me!

Ray Gentry is Some Lutheran Guy. He is a contemporary worship leader, lay-leader and theologian, musician, and lover of social media. My posts will generally fit those themes though, on occasion, I’ll try to be funny as well.

So a few of things:

  • All views are my own – I do not represent the ELCA or First Lutheran Church, Brookings.
  • I receive nothing for the reviews of the products on this site. My reviews are simply to evaluate equipment (usually music/worship related) that I’ve used or purchased to help other musicians or worship leaders.
  • I have not been to seminary, I am a theologian because we all are, I will get things wrong, and I am expressing faith as I’ve experienced and understand it.
  • Be good to each other.